Blinds Are Up!

In poker, a blind or a blind bet refers to a forced bet placed into the pot by one or more players before the deal begins. A timer is used to count down periods in which the blinds are at certain levels. When the timer reaches 0:00, the blinds go to a higher level.

This a simple poker timer I created with a colleague that keeps track of the round and time until the blinds increase. The plus and minus buttons control the round and reset the timer. Here are the initial UI designs:
Purple and yellow were chosen because those are the actual colours of the physical blind buttons.


We decided to go with the split screen approach. Everything pertaining to the time and round is located on top, and everything involving the blinds are at the bottom. The pause/play button affects the whole screen, which is why it is located in the centre. We ensured that we took advantage of the whole screen to eliminate any possibility of ads.

Final Version:
The icon matches the appropriate colour scheme of the app while conveying rounds of time.
Since there is a functionality that detects which IPhone 5c is in use, the app is able to change its colour to match the appropriate phone. In addition to this feature, the user is also able to choose whichever colour they’d like the app to be.

Here is what the app looks like on all of the 5c devices:

Project: Blinds Are Up!
Role: UI Designer/Creative Lead

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