Dove Men Ultimate Gameday Changetable

Modern dads have more roles than, let’s say, their dads. Midnight feedings, paternity classes, diaper duty. Dove Men+Care wanted to reward them for their efforts.

We decided to create the very first branded change table.


The actual table went through a series of design changes due to the functionally constraints, but the concept never changed. We were making a change table with all the bells and whistles.


Here is it is in action:


Top Closed:ChangeTable05-Closed

Top Open:ChangeTable05-Open-Elements



ONE SHOW INTERACTIVE - 2014 - TBD - Experiential Single
ADCC - 2013 - TBD - Promo Single
ADCC - 2013 - TBD - Media Innovation
APPLIED ARTS - 2013 - OOH Single
APPLIED ARTS - 2013 - Ad Promo Single
APPLIED ARTS INTERACTIVE - 2013 - Offline Digital

Role: Art Director
Agency: OgilvyOne

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